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Два чоловіки сидять один перед одним

Informacje dla pracodawcy

  • Where are you and your employees?
    The DreamWork company is located in Poland. We've official branches and partnerships in three countries: Nepal, India and Bangladesh. That's where all our employees come from
  • How long does it take to find candidates?
    It depends on the vacancy and the country. Usually for non-professional workers time takes 2-4 days. For professionals or special requests 7-10 days.
  • What is required of the employer?
    We need a detailed job description. Ideally when we receive photos from work and residence. Also we need documents to open a visa: work permit / employment contract / residence permit.
  • What are the guarantees that the employee will come to us after the preparation of documents?
    We assure that the employee will work at least 3 months at your place of work. Directly with each employee, we enter into a contract for a minimum period of financial compensation in case of breach of contract. Please note that the employee has the right to leave the workplace if the conditions described by you are not confirmed upon arrival.
  • Who pays for the documents and visa of the employee?
    For our part, we solve all local issues related to the opening of visas in Asian countries. We are ready to make an advance payment for a work permit in some cases, if necessary. Each case is discussed individually.
  • What is the price for your services?
    Our price is standard and the same for everyone. $ 25 for non-professional recruitment and $ 50 for a professional. Payment after the worked month.
  • How long does the whole process take?
    On average, we need a week to find candidates. Also 2-3 weeks to obtain a work permit on your part (in each country individual deadlines). And the final stage is the opening of a visa (1-2 weeks). Within a week after opening the visa, we buy plane tickets. On average, the overall process will take 1-1.5 months.


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