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We invite recruiting companies to cooperate.

Our company has several partner offices in Delhi, Kathmandu, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Rabat. Due to the good opportunities in these countries, we have very huge requests for jobs in Europe. That is, we have many more candidates than the opportunities for their employment in Europe, despite the fact that the volume in Europe is also quite good.

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We are looking for partners from most European countries for the potential employment of our candidates for your clients in Europe.

We are interested in partners from Poland, Italy, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovakia, Estonia, Albania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Cyprus and Malta. 

Our candidates can work in the fields of construction, production (warehouses, factories, and manufacturing plants), agriculture, hotel and restaurant business, cleaning and other business areas. 

We take care of all necessary visa processes, selection of necessary candidates, conducting interviews, assistance in their arrival. From the partner's side, we expect the necessary work permits for employees, and of course the provision of a workplace together with accommodation. 

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We do not require part of the commission of recruiting companies, which they receive from employers - we have our own commission for visa services in Asian countries. That is, thanks to us you can close your request for labor, and we will find the necessary jobs for a large number of our employers. We look forward to hearing from you.

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